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Online Brand Protection Services in Afghanistan

intellectual property protection servicesWe warm heartedly welcome you to the online portal of Afghanistan brands protection service and are here to help you with every query of brand abuse. We are an esteemed part of GREVESGROUP® providing online brand protection and brand management services in Afghanistan from years and have complete expertise in it. We are committed to provide best brand management services in Afghanistan. GREVESGROUP® is a provider of full spectrum of IP Rights protection services in Afghanistan for trademark owners and brand professionals. We assure you of providing best in class tailor made Brand Protection Services in Afghanistan which makes sure your brand is playing safe in the market.

Our strong network enables us to consistently serve and work for various Law Firms, IP attorneys, and Trademark Mark attorneys all over the Globe. We monitor all your brands, trademark, and domain names and help you in reducing the risk of online brand abuse & infringements in Afghanistan. In today’s vast online market and with so much exposure, internet has become a source of income for fraudsters, which on the opposite side carries adverse effects over the brand owners. As these fraudsters, try to make profits by selling, infringed and counterfeit goods which lookalike as the original ones. We also provide trademark watch notice service in Afghanistan to help brand owners take steps even before the threats affects them bad.

Our range of online brand protection services in Afghanistan are mentioned below:

  • Online Brand Protection Services in Afghanistan
  • O2O Investigation Services in Afghanistan
  • Online Marketplace Monitoring Services in Afghanistan
  • Mystery Shopping Services, Brand Audits & Business Evaluation Services in Afghanistan
  • Trademark Watch Services in Afghanistan
  • Trademark Filing & Prosecution Services in Afghanistan
  • Trademark Portfolio Management & Renewal Services in Afghanistan
  • IP Rights Enforcement Action Services in Afghanistan
  • Domain Management Services in Afghanistan
  • Social Media Monitoring Services in Afghanistan

Our Brand Protection Solution in Afghanistan are the quality services to protect the clients businesses located in this region. Our in house legal team is well capable of taking IP enforcement action in Afghanistan against the infringers and fraudsters to stop them from affecting brands and companies. We have the best and understanding business terms with our local partners and international associates to support us in providing the perfect investigative services and intelligence to the clients located all across Afghanistan including Kabul, Qandahar, Herat, Jalalabad, Qunduz, Baglan, Gardez, Khowst, Kholm, Taloqan, Shibarghan, Carikar, Asadabad, Aybak, Laskar Gah.

Companies having strong brands and huge internet exposure are at high risk of undergoing online brand abuse in Afghanistan. We strongly recommend brand owners to use online brand monitoring services in Afghanistan, so as to defend the oncoming threats on an early basis. Please note that, all the business queries are handled discreetly and confidentially. We are prompt in responding to all related queries with highly authenticated piece of advice. We shall revert soon to your queries so that you don’t have to wait anymore for the solution of your problem.

To know more about our online brand protection company in Afghanistan or to use any of our brand management service in Afghanistan, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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Our trained online/offline monitoring team and customer-designed technology tools empower our customers to easily, quickly & efficiently identify, monitor and protect their brands well in advance.

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