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IP Enforcement & Action Services

ipr enforcement serviceBrandprotections.online has developed class leading enforcement actions and brand protection services to encounter the increasing menace of counterfeiting and infringements of your brands. Our blend of innovation and expertise gives way to expel unauthorized content from the internet and delivers an impactful online brand protection program. Our legal department is working 24/7 to provide industry-leading enforcement services to protect your brand from the infringers.

We have developed a dedicated software which is designed to identify and take-down brand abuses over application stores, websites, social networks and domain name registers. In case of counterfeit products, we send the detailed reports to our clients which includes the sample of the counterfeit product and suggest what actions could be taken further. Cease and Desist Notices to the infringers are sent on behalf of our clients through our legal team which is well experienced in their specific field. We also have expertise in conducting Civil and Criminal Raids as per our client’s requirements. Our range of enforcement services, strategies and our experience in the field of brand protection makes us the class leaders. Leading brands from all over the world count on us. Brandprotections.online is always there to help you with its range of services which are mentioned below:

  • Market Surveys
  • Market Intelligence Report
  • Conduct / Organize Criminal and Civil Raids
  • Cease and Desist notices
  • IP Litigation Support
  • Undercover Operations
  • Enforcement actions against pirated digital content
For queries and questions about IP enforcement services, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] according to your requirement respectively.

NOTE: As we are professional IP investigators, all the information provided by you to us and also the discreet information gained by us during the investigation will be dealt under the strictest confidence for considering the private investigation ethics.
ip enforcement action service

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Our trained online/offline monitoring team and customer-designed technology tools empower our customers to easily, quickly & efficiently identify, monitor and protect their brands well in advance.

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